Almost like a King: On Writing Every Day

As I said a couple of days before, I changed my mind about writing daily reports every day. When everything is fine and I reach my writing goals, I’ll skip.

Unless that day’s writing gives me some ideas for musing.

Writing like a… King

FContra Spem Scriboor example, on Tuesday and Friday, I spent about 1.5 hours in the library and wrote 700 and 800 respectively. This means that if I write 3 hours, I will have around 1500 words a day—with productivity about 500 words/hours. So, by working a full part-time, so to speak, I can write 2000 words a day.

That’s how much Stephen King’s writes, according to his book  On Writing. Not bad, right?

In an ideal world, where I have all my determination and willpower on full volume. In reality, not so much.

But at least it let me see this word count in perspective. When I did my first NaNoWriMo, 2000 word goal looked like an unconquerable mountain. Now I see it as a challenging, but not even mountain: rather, a hill.  Of course, it’s can be hard to carve four hours if you already have a full-time day job, but the point is that writing 2000 words a day is not something harder than any other job you are capable of doing. If I can keep this pace, anyone can, says a lazy procrastinator.

What was even more interesting is this.

Where did it come from?!

The thing is that I wrote all those 1500 words in the scene I didn’t plan to continue writing at all: I was only to review it, maybe add a couple of sentences here and there, and transfer to Scrivener.

But as I opened it and start rereading and adding some details, ideas began to flood in—the ideas of what the characters might think and feel and what else they might say. Suddenly—a two days’ work is done, and the characters made some discoveries they were not making in the original draft.

It’s not for the first time this kind of thing happened. Even though, every time I feel surprised and somehow awed. That’s what is amazing about writing: creating from nothing and out of the blue.

That’s probably what keeps me writing.

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