Daily Writing June 13, 2018

The schedule became a bit of a wreck because this week I have to wake up very early. It means that by the time I would usually write (in the evening) I’m dozing a good deal.

I will have to adjust, but for now, I’m a bit on the unproductive side.

Still, some results:

  • On Monday I finished plotting Book 3 for The Dragon School, which is a great relief.
  • On Tuesday I finished editing Unknown. I have a couple of places where I need to write in a couple of paragraphs, but it’s mostly done.
  • Did some translation of Voyage Dream, Inc, though very little. I’m in a spot that needs rewriting, so it goes slowly.
  • Made good progress on several learning courses and even finished two—at last!.

Overall: could be better, but not hopeless.


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