Daily Writing June 17, 2018

Unfortunately, getting up really early crushes my energy level to nonexistence, so I haven’t done much this week.


  • Transferred all drafts from Neo2 to Scrivener, which took surprisingly long
  •  Wrote some on The Unknown, close to finishing it

Not very much on Voyage Dream: here I kind of stuck. I still hope to finish it quickly and publish before going to visit my parents in July, and who knows, maybe I will make it after all.

But we will be moving the next week, and then the trip, and my kid doesn’t have school, so…

I really don’t have much hope for summer. It’s much better to work in colder months.

Anyway, right now I’m a bit torn between trying to outline the fourth book of Dragons and starting to write again.  I’ll think it over today, but I have to start doing something again.

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