Daily Writing June 6, 2018


Very little writing since last week, but that’s not a problem.

The thing is, I’m on the stage with my WIP when I need to organize things and see where to go next.

By now, I have about 400 000 words on the project. Some of them are extensive notes, and some are duplicates: I wrote them before I knew the characters better and then rewrote completely. So, around 100 000 words per episode, which is normal for a fantasy novel.  (And my editor will probably cut some overly long ruminations and repetitions).

So, I’m outlining what I’ve written so far after I wrote it. Yes, such kind of outlining exists—don’t listen to those who say outlining can and should be done before writing. It might be harder (not sure about that), but I’d be so bored if I had to follow an outline that I would probably stop writing. That’s just not fun. For me—you do you.

Anyway, this outlining will take some time before I start writing again. Hopefully, not very long, but I feel I need to go through this stage.


Finished Unknown (but need to write a couple of paragraphs in two or three scenes).

Worked on Voyage Dream, Inc. I should have hired a better translator. On the other hand, while correcting, I also clean up the plot, so… “Не було б щастя, та нещастя допомогло” as we say in Ukraine.

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