Daily Writing May 6, 2018

Today was a pile-up day, with me trying to do everything that is not writing my main project all at once.


Not today, but yesterday I wrote through the rough patch, so since there I hope to make progress quickly. And at last, I got this feeling that I want it done and published already. Before it was more like ‘a lot of work ahead,’ but now I see the end, and since it’s in Ukrainian, I can publish it right away, already even having the cover.


Did a good job today, so almost one-third of the story is done.

Writing Short Stories

None. Didn’t even think about it somehow, which is not surprising for my weak spot.

Other stuff

I did a lot today on this blog. Writing, organizing, adding content. Well, I will count it toward short stories slot: writing a blog post is still writing, and it would be strange not to count it as such.


Not the worst of my days, though short stories got neglected again. I start thinking that I should give them a separate, dedicated day so that I wouldn’t have excuses like ‘But I did this instead.’ Have to think it over.

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