On Easy Words


Words don’t come easy to me.

Especially if you are in love with them. You want them good, even better—perfect, and this stops you dead.

At least, it does it to me.

Luckily, humans have an incredible ability to pick themselves up when they really want it. And I do want to write.

So, with a dip right after writing 1700 w/day in November, here’s my progress.


December 2016 — out. I probably wrote something but not even worth mentioning.

January 2017 — picked myself up: 400 w/day, 12400 words total.

February 2017 — kept the strike: 500 w/day, 14300 words total.

March 2017 — repeat: 500 w/day, 15600 words total.

April 2017 — Camp NaNoWriMo: 500 w/day, 16 800 total.

May 2017 — here the decline starts, and for so funny reason as installing Pokemon Go. Still, I can’t complain: 300 w/day, 9500 total, and a lot of walking, which was my goal when I chose to start the game.

June 2017 — at least I didn’t fall off completely: 300 w/day, 9000 total. But more walking and more sun. I haven’t had such a nice suntanned face since childhood.

July 2017 — pathetic. It was a Camp NaNo again, but with only 100 w/day. To be fair, we moved into another state, which was for me, an introvert of habit, very stressful.

August 2017 — almost lost it in the beginning because of the hype over legionaries in Pokemon Go, but managed to pick myself up and finish with 400 w/day, 12400 total.

September 2017 — full blast of 500 w/day, 15500 total.

October 2017 — I made myself slow down intentionally, preparing for the November marathon. So far successfully, 300 w/day, hoping for 9300 at least.


To summarize: Not that bad. It is more than 100 000 words + 50 000 during November, a good full-length fantasy novel. Had I been writing a novel instead of four novel-length episodes of a story, I would have finished it already. But as luck would have it, I haven’t yet.

My only hope is the next NaNoWriMo. If I win it.

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