Result without progress

I should have written this post on November 1st, when NaNoWriMo started, or at least at the first achievement: 5000 words. Then I should have documented my progress like I did the last year.

As it goes, though, I just couldn’t. On the first day I finished 2000 words and felt too exhausted.

On the second, I wrote 2200 words, and it didn’t help me feel better in terms of being drained of any writing ability.

However, inspired by this, I pledged to God to write 2000 words everyday.

Spoiler alert: I did it, except for one day in which I planned not to write beforehand (because of life).

But it was extremely demanding and tiring, and required me cut some of my other activities, most importantly, sleep. That’s why I am not going to keep the pace outside a NaNo. I know Stephen King writes 2000 words 6 days a week all year around, but he is the Stephen King for a reason. For us, mere mortals, much lesser tasks would suffice.

I for one will try to stick to 1200 words a day for four or five days a week, with one day completely off and one or two with a lesser quota on a main project, but with some work on short stories and editing of what is already written.

This is probably a schedule I can follow in a long run, which is the most important thing for productivity, not a short-term sprints.

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