Back to School and Writing Again

Back to School and Writing AgainThe school part is not about me, but about my kid who has just started a new school year. It means that I have time for myself in the mornings and can start writing again. I confess I missed it—summers feel too long in this respect. And mind you, in my country kids are out of school at the end of May, so in America it’s not even that bad. Still, I struggled to write during August and I’m glad to pick myself up.

I don’t want to create a strict schedule or make firm plans, yet or ever, as I’ve told before several times. But today I went to the nearest library to pick up some books and decided to sit down for a moment. Just for five minutes (not counting unpacking, connecting to Wi-Fi, and setting the portable keyboard). I left the library with 100 words and the sense that I’m into writing again. A hundred words don’t seem much at all, but one must take into account that many people who dream about writing a book struggle even with this much. And, as I’ve pointed out in the post about simple math, 200 words a day (with one day off and two-weeks vacation) gives you one novel a year.

And, most importantly, I didn’t stop on those 100 words. I also worked at home and reached the goal I set for myself for this September: 500 words/day on weekdays. So far I’m not only on schedule but ahead of it: I can skip today and three more days and still be fine.

So, I’m officially back to writing—at last.

And thank God, I don’t need to go back to school for that.

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