Daily Report May 1, 2018

Today was Tuesday, meaning the main project day.

Normally, I would go to a library and write between 300 and 700 words. The minimum is for days when I am late for some reason or have to leave early for some chores, so 500 is a good estimate what I would usually write.

Unfortunately, today all the branches in Chicago are closed, so I stayed at home, wrote several hundred words, and then had a walk. I continued writing in the evening and finished my 1000 words by 11pm.

Good News

This is feels-tough, but quite reachable goal. Actually, once I had been slaking for the whole day for no particular reason until it was 10pm. I almost call it a day, but that got mad at myself and wrote the damn thing. And today I began by writing 300 words before afternoon and finished relatively early in the evening.

Bad News

The problem is that when I don’t write in the morning, then this remaining quota pushes everything out of the schedule until all I can do is to finish my thousand words, and that’s it. If I’m able to write most of the words before 2-3pm, then I can spend evening doing some other tasks: editing, translating, studying, and so on.


Since this is the most successful task of mine so far, I should probably refrain from tweaking it in any way, or it might break. For now, it’s better to concentrate on the editing/publishing days, satisfied that the main project is moving forward regardless of the schedule.

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