Daily Writing May 11, 2018


Still struggling with putting the plot of my WIP together.

It began to take some shape, but I’m only on the third book. It seems that I will have to either cut something or come up with fillers for some characters. I don’t like fillers, obviously, but maybe when I start writing again, I will find out that some backstories are not written yet and I have the place for them right here.

Anyway, I got some excellent ideas about the story, the ideas I didn’t have before. Good job, though it took me a lot of headaches—literal headaches—to compose a single chapter on some days. Ugh, and I thought writing is the hardest part.

Other stuff

Almost nothing on editing/translating, unfortunately. But considering that I work on the WIP until my head is ready to fall off, it’s probably better if I don’t try to push anything else. After all, multitasking is a myth, and I want to finish plotting as soon as possible (still hate it).

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