Daily Writing June 20, 2018

Unknown (Ukrainian) is publishedI have published a short story

Finished and published Unknown (Ukrainian version). Here’s the link (might not be available in all stores):


A bit disappointed that publishing takes so long, but the book is out and I can, at last, let it go.

Time to celebrate! And I mean it seriously: I need some sort of gift to myself when I finish stuff. I might be a slow writer (or rather a very slow publisher), but I do have things done. Many people who talk about writing don’t even finish the first draft of their books, let alone publish. With my pessimism and lack of confidence, I have to celebrate the achievements, even small ones. Need to come up with something nice for myself.

Anyway, the next things on my list:

  • Finish Voyage Dream (English)
  • Edit Charmed Prince
  • Start translating Unknown and publish (first on Wattpad, then on Amazon?)
  • Finish Hollow and/or Cemetery
  • Start editing Architecture of Time

A lot of plans, so I will probably get confused like Buridan’s Ass about what to do next, especially with upcoming moving/traveling plans. Well, I hope it will sort itself in the end and I will start doing something of that list.


Haven’t been writing for some time now: I’m outlining the fourth book of Dragons, trying to make sense of all the notes for the last three years, which is not easy. Then, I will form a chaptered outline in Scrivener and start putting real text into that structure.

Not sure I will have time to do it before leaving for vacation in July, and Internet there might be a problem. At the very least, I will try to write Hollow and Cemetery, on paper if needed. But also it’s possible that without this frantic need to write when I can, meaning here, I will slow down a little and start coming up with new ideas for short stories. Maybe even start writing one, who knows. But a writer can dream, right?

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