Daily Writing June 24, 2018


I spent most of the time packing and moving, so these last three days were far from productive. Right now I feel not only tired after carrying heavy stuff but knocked out of normal life. Like one of our cats, who has been hiding in any corner of the new place he could find and looked as if he was transported to the Moon.

Still, before that, I wrote down all the scenes I have so far for Book 4 of the Dragons and now only need to arrange them into a coherent timeline. It might not be all the scenes in the book—Mai is heavily underwritten—but I will try to draw the timeline and then decide what to write next.

Other Stuff

I’m really stuck with Voyage Dream Inc. This particular place is muddy even in the original, but as I try to translate… Maybe I should put it away for a while and keep writing Hollow and Cemetery. To be honest, I’m not sure translating is a good idea at all. My English is stiff at best even when I write in it, but translating sentence by sentence makes it much worse. I think I should try to rewrite paragraphs rather than literally translate.


This is my most productive area these days: I’m catching up on dozens of courses, or rather videos form these courses. I want to finish at least some before leaving for vacation, which is at the beginning of July. Since it is easier to watch a video than write, I will probably keep studying till I leave. Then, the vacation with no or almost no Internet. Then, I hope to pick up writing, in August. But I never had high hopes for summer, so no big deal.

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